5 Things to do this weekend during Hari Raya

5 Things to do this weekend during Hari Raya Whether you want to shop until you drop or dine with friends or family, there’s plenty happening this Eid weekend around Batam. Shopping deals, live music and street food are just some of the better offers on hand. We put together a round-up of our favorites things to do this Eid.

1. Shop

You never get tired of shopping in Batam, especially in this hari raya. There is plenty of deals around shopping malls in batam. From shirts to shoes all discounted up to 70%. Planet Holiday Hotel offer FREE shuttle bus to the nearest mall.

2. Culinary

Whether you like sweets or spicy, you can find tons of culinary around Batam. It is only a walking distance from Planet Holiday to Nagoya Area, where you can find popular Batam’s street food.

3. Night Entertainment 

YOLO! Spend your night with romantic or energetic vibe on pubs around Batam, bottom up your glass and party till the sun is shine. Get your feet on the dance floor and shake that hip at F1 Club at Planet Holiday Hotel.

4. Golf

There is more than 5 golf courses in Batam, with Numerous shots over water and one of them was designed by legendary golfer and designer, Greg Norman.

5. Watersport or GoKart

Nearest Gokart track from Planet Holiday Hotel is in Golden city area, it’s only 10 minutes drive from our hotel. For those who like snorkeling you must read our article HERE



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