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Snorkeling in Batam?

Snorkeling in Batam? Probably you’re not even think that this type of activity is exist in Batam. Because one thing cross in your mind when you visit Batam is all about shopping, industry, night life, or culinary. No worries this posts is a guide where you can find top snorkeling spot in Batam.



Abang Island is one of the islands under the Batam territory, located in far south, precisely in Galang District, Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia. Just this few years, this place become famous among tourists and become their destination for vacation. This island is just perfect diving and snorkeling spots in Batam. The view of underwater is magically beautiful, colorful coral reefs and fishes. This is the most favorite diving snorkeling spots in Batam.

With relatively shallow waters (around 15 – 18 meters deep), Abang Island is a perfect spot for both diving or snorkeling. The beauty of its sea biota even compared with Komodo Island National Park, Bunaken and Raja Ampat.

Abang Island citizens constantly been taught the importance to preserve the coral reefs both as tourism assets and as their contribution for global environment. They can also get benefits from tourism activities next to their daily activities as fishermen or traders. This has ultimately led to the well maintained beauty of Abang Island.



Petong Island, just the same as Abang Island. This island offer you the underwater view as the coral and colorful fishes with clear and warm seawater.

Petong Island also located in Galang, near Abang Island. But, different with Abang Island, if you want to do diving here, you must know the perfect time so you will not meet the “friendly” jellyfish or bad wind. Just ask the tour operator for the good timing.



Hantu Island also not far away from main island, Galang. It is in front of Abang Island, consist of 3 line up islands. To reach this island, you may take one hour boat from local harbor at Barelang 6th bridge.

The seawater is crystal clear, you no need to go down into the water to look the underwater lives. But, it will be more perfect if you jump into the water, don’t you?


Labun Island is the nearest island from Galang, only a few minutes from Barelang 6th Bridge. Same as the other 3 islands, you will found the nature view of the island and its underwater lives.


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